Ternion Exchange

Ternion Exchange will support the trading a variety cryptocurrencies, but have an individual approach towards a variaty of business aspects

Ternion Exchange
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The Ternion Exchange will be
Regulated The Ternion Exchange will be regulated and thus stand in stark contrast to other cryptocurrency exchanges that seek to avoid regulation at all cost. However, due to our hybrid, balanced approach and goal of unifying the traditional financial infrastructure with its decentralized counterpart, this step is critical to ensuring long-term success for the entire Ternion Ecosystem
AccessibleAside f rom a general focus on optimal user experience design to make life easier for experienced cryptocurrency traders, we pay special attention to making the exchange accessible to newcomers into the cryptocurrency field, which further invigorates our overarching goal of creating a digital reserve currency for everyone.
EfficientOur approach is simple. The frontend must have high usability, and the backend must support that high level of usability. Both the end user experience and our system architecture will support this goal to create a seamless experience for even the most demanding power users
AboveboardThe exchange will be fully KYC-compliant, which will stack upon the transparency inherent to the blockchain infrastructure to give users a sense of security and comfort that is all too rare among competing solutions