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Cryptocurrency marketplace

  • Fiat transfers by EU regulated provider
  • Best USD, ETH and BTC prices
  • Fast and secure verification process

with delivery Exchange

  • Buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Easily convert BTC to USD or EUR
  • Deposit/withdrawal in Fiat&Crypto

and Margin trading

  • Trade BTCUSD with 100 USD margin
  • Earn on any Bitcoin price changing
  • +0.03% for makers, -0.08% for takers
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          Success of Online Crypto Trade is Based on Details

          With Ternion, clients enjoy the best Bitcoin price (BTC to USD or EUR), along with many other advantages, to have the best Bitcoin (Ethereum and other) trading experience among all the cryptocurrency exchanges:


          Most convenient way to buy or sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

          Instant deposits and withdrawals in less than 24h (depending on security rules).

          United liquidity pool for Exchange and Margin Trading guarantees deeper liquidity compared to ordinary crypto exchanges.

          Margin trading

          Trade with the best margin requirements, such as stable margin for 1 Bitcoin at 100 USD.

          Earn 0.03% as Maker by placing limit orders.

          The commission for Taker orders as low as 0.08%.


          The unique Ternion Web Platform for intuitive trading with maximum data and range of options. FIX API trading is available for Institutional clients.

          Comprehensive technical analysis, intuitive friendly interface, market depth, all types of orders, and much more.

          Well-known platform MetaTrader5 is available, including Windows, Android/IOS and WEB versions. Create/buy/lease trading robots through MQL5 environment.

          Premium Level Support

          We provide 2-level support, separating general and urgent issues.

          All active accounts are eligible for 24/7 Premium Support.

          Let us worry about technical issues while you focus on trading. We are ready to help you instantly.

          Our own matching engine

          Unlike first-wave crypto exchanges, we have had the time to create the most powerful environment.

          Ternion processes millions of orders, but has not reached even 1% of system capacity.

          Forget lags during market movements, we execute orders in milliseconds.


          Our top priority is security of funds and information of our clients.

          Two-factor authentication (2FA); Advanced verification tools;

          Withdrawals protection; The SSL Certificate; Multisignature cold storage and a lot more.