Everyone wins

New Year`s Promo

Starting from
1 000 €
trading volume
You will get guaranteed
Also Win:
50 LTC and 1 ETH
Starting from
50K €
trading volume
You will get guaranteed
Also Win:
10 ETH and 1 BTC
Starting from
200K €
trading volume
You will get guaranteed
Also Win:

5 x
10 ETH

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Reach the trading volume 1000€, get 1 guaranteed Coin, and win additional Coins!
The more volume you trade, the better Coins you get!
The volume can be traded by both exchange and margin trading using the friendliest margin requirements. It is just 100 USD for one BTC which is more than 6000 EUR of trading volume!
Compete for super prize for most active traders - 5 BTC!
  1. Terms of the promo: 00:00 30/12/2019 - 23:59:59 02/02/2019
  2. The volume means combined trading volume of exchange and margin trading reached during the promo terms, in EURO equivalent rates by the end of Promo.
  3. Three categories of traders’ volumes are eligible for guaranteed coins and participating in lottery:
    • Starting from 1000 Euros receive guaranteed 1 EOS. Additionally 50 prizes of 1 LTC and 1 prize of 1 ETH are distributed among participants.
    • Starting from 50,000 Euros receive guaranteed 1 LTC. Additionally 10 prizes of 1 ETH and 1 prize of 1 BTC are distributed among participants.
    • Starting from 200 000 Euros receive guaranteed 1 ETH. Additionally 5 prizes of 10 ETH and a super prize of 5 BTC are distributed among participants.
  4. The prizes will be delivered to trading account of winners during following 5 calendar days after Promo end date and can be withdrawn to Participant’s wallet or exchanged to any other currency according the general Ternion’s services.
  5. All the basic terms and conditions are eligible for Promo, Ternion clients as well as trading and exchange operations.
  6. Ternion will disqualify any trading accounts of the participating in Promo if any suspicious activity is detected, including those which trading activity has the one and only purpose of generating trading volume.
  7. Ternion reserves the right to change the conditions or to stop the Promo at any moment.
  8. In case of differences between English and any other versions of these Promo Conditions the English version has the priority.