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What is Ternion Exchange?

Ternion Exchange is formed by Ternion LTD operating in cooperation with Ternion Wallet.

Ternion LTD is crypto-crypto exchange and margin trading operations provider

Ternion Wallet is European Solution for Fiat-to-Crypto and Crypto-to-Fiat exchange, based in Netherlands. Ternion BV with registered office Arnehemsestraat 11, 3811LE Amersfoort, RSIN 860602187 is the company owner of www.ternionex.com and Ternion Wallet trademark. Ternion Wallet provides services of interchanging fiat to cryptocurrency and vice versa.

How does Ternion work?

Clients are able to buy/sell/exchange crypto and conventional currencies with Ternion. Clients deposit and withdraw funds (including fiat) by various payment methods. Deliverable and Margin trading is done on available platforms.

Ternion does not buy or sell assets - all transactions take place exclusively among users.

On which timeline Ternion operates by?

Ternion operates on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Why is verification required?

Verification is a confirmation of your personal information. It is required in order to secure the system against most illegal activities related to financial operations with fiat currencies.
Detailed information on verification levels can be found in the Fees & Limits section on our website.

Which documents are required for verification?

For tier 1 verification of an account and limits increase, please log in to your personal cabinet and upload your documents. For individuals, these are:
- Proof of ID (passport or valid ID document)
- Proof of address (utility bill, etc)
- Selfie with your ID

For tier 2 verification of an account, please:
- provide us the document сonfirming the source of funds.

Which entity regulates fiat operations?

Ternion fiat operations are performed by Ternion Wallet (Ternion BV) regulated by Dutch National Bank (Netherlands)

Which fiat currencies are supported in Ternion?

USD, EUR are supported.

What type of support does Ternion provide?

Ternion provides client support 24/7 by online ticket-system.

Which cases require verification?

Verification is required for fiat operations such as deposits/withdrawals and trading

What are the requirements for dates on documents for verification?

All the documents should be dated within last three months

Is it safe to trade in Ternion?

The highest priority of Ternion is the security and safety of funds and the protection of personal data.
Ternion has done everything possible to ensure complete safety while you are on the system and in our environment. Please visit the Security section on our website for more information.

What can I do to increase my account security?

We strictly recommend to enable 2FA autentification in Security section of Personal Area. You should never disclose your login/password to any person. Also keep in mind that social engineering is the most popular way to hack your account.

How do you start trading with Ternion?

To start trading, you need to register with a user account and deposit funds via any of the available methods (note that some deposit methods require verification). After depositing, you can trade or exchange cryptocurrencies using various trading options. Ternion automatically finds the best offers for users and matches their orders when the data coincides.

Which platforms are available for trading?

The following platforms are available for retail clients for trading:
- MT5 for Windows
- Mobile MT5 for Android/IOS
Institutional clients can trade with API and PrimeXM.

Is API trading available?

Retail clients can create/buy robots or expert advisers using MQL5 environment. Only institutional clients can trade with FIX API.

What is the difference between Exchange & Margin trading?

Margin trading is speculitive leveraged trading without actual delivery of an asset. It is used in order to get profit from price movements.

Exchange trading allows you to buy or sell one asset for another.

Detailed information about Exchange and Margin trading can be found in Exchange & Margin section on our website.

Which deposit and withdrawal methods are accepted?

Accepted fiat deposit/withdrawal methods are wire transfer(SEPA) and Cryptos. We are working on adding additional methods so please follow up information on our website

To have updated list of supported cryptocurrencies please learn Trading Specifications table (all cryptos available for trading are available for deposit/withdrawal).

What is the reason of Small Deposit Fees for Cryptos?

Small transactions overload the payment network causing delays for all the clients. We recommend to combine small transactions into one in order to avoid this fee.