Fees and Limits

Trading fees schedule is very simple:

  • For Makers. We pay 0,03% for executed limit Maker orders.
  • For Takers. We charge 0,08% for executed stop, market and limit Taker orders.
    Limit Taker is the placed limit order which was instantly matched with existing limit Maker order.
  • Swap. 9% per calendar year. Charged 4 times a day at 00.00, 6.00, 12.00 and 18.00 by UTC (0.0062% of position volume each time).
    SWAP applies only to Margin Trading.

Fiat deposit fees:

Wire transfer (SEPA) 10 EUR + 0.1%
Wire transfer (SWIFT) 30 EUR + 0.1%

All crypto deposits: FREE *

Currency name Small deposit amount Small Deposit fee
BTC 0.15 0.0004
ETH 4 0.01
EOS 120 0.2
ETC 120 0.2
BTG 40 0.1
LTC 8 0.01
BAB 3 0.01
BSV 8 0.01
ZEC 9 0.01
DSH 5 0.01
OMG 300 0.5
ZRX 1500 5
XRP 120 2
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* Small deposit fee is applied if deposit transaction is less than Small deposit amount

Fiat withdrawal fees:

Wire transfer (SEPA) 0.5% (min 10 EUR)
Wire transfer (SWIFT) 50 EUR + 0.15%

Crypto withdrawal fees:

Currency name Withdrawal fee
BTC 0.0004
ETH 0.01
EOS 0.2
ETC 0.2
BTG 0.1
BAB 0.01
BSV 0.01
ZEC 0.01
DSH 0.01
OMG 0.5
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Deposit/withdrawal methods availability and limits are based on verification levels.

Please learn the table below:

Unverified Verification 1 * Verification 2
Fiat deposit: daily
Forbidden $1000
Crypto deposit: daily
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Fiat withdrawal: daily
Forbidden $5000
Crypto withdrawal: daily
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

*There is no restriction in depositing any amount by wire transfer for Tier 1 Verified Customers (third party transfers are not accepted).

For Unverified Customers

In order to verify an account and increase limits, please log in to personal cabinet and upload your documents.

For individuals, these are:

  • Proof of ID (passport or valid ID document)
  • Proof of address (utility bill, etc)

For corporate clients:

Please contact our representatives for more information via the ticket system in the institutional personal area.

Your private data is encrypted and is used for AML procedures only.

For Tier 1 Verified Customers

To have unlimited deposit/withdrawal opportunities please:

  • provide us the selfie with your ID
  • deposit via Wire transfer

Third party deposits are not accepted.

Your private data is encrypted and is used for AML procedures only.