Exchange & Margin trading

Margin trading is trading without actual delivery of an asset, using leverage, as opposed to deliverable (exchange) trading. With Ternion, you can combine these 2 types of trading on one account and on one platform.

Exchange and margin trading are conducted in a united pool of liquidity, using the same commissions.

The differences between these types of trading are reflected in the table below.

Exchange trading

  • Actual delivery of an asset
  • Leverage is not used, full self-financing of exchange is required
  • Client can trade only the assets he has on his balance
  • Client can trade the volumes he has on his balance
  • Verification is required for crypto-fiat pairs
  • Stop orders are not available, only Market and Limit
  • Profit / loss is calculated in different assets
  • StopOuts are not eligible
  • Swaps are not eligible

Margin trading

  • The position on the cryptocurrency pair is opened and the profit / loss is fixed at the moment of closing the position
  • Leverage is used, for instance, margin for Bitcoin is $100, which means that only $100 is required to open 1 Bitcoin position
  • Client can trade any assets permitted for trading
  • Client can trade volumes exceeding own funds
  • Verification is required only for deposit/withdrawal by fiat
  • Full list of orders is available, including Stop orders
  • Profit / loss is calculated in account currency
  • StopOuts are eligible
  • Swaps are eligible